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Sustainability Professionals Accelerator

Elevate Your Sustainability Career – Find Purpose and Drive Impact

Stay ahead of the curve and identify new career opportunities.

Learn the tools and frameworks to implement impactful sustainability initiatives within any organisation.

Connect with leading sustainability experts, mentors, and a community of driven peers.

Our mission is to empower professionals with the insider knowledge and practical solutions required to navigate and lead in the era of climate change. We provide direct access to preeminent sustainability experts, offering real-world applications and case studies to seamlessly integrate effective climate change strategies into business operations. We are committed to fostering a network of collaboration among a select cohort of peers, dedicated to facing environmental challenges and opportunities head-on. 

Through a structured curriculum that builds future-proof skills, we aim to offer:

Career Acceleration for  Professionals


Elevate your impact – gain the cutting-edge knowledge, tools, and strategic insights to advance your career in climate action.

Network of Climate Champions

Build relationships, share insights and unlock new opportunities for collaboration in addressing the climate crisis.​ Find answers to your challenges through regular Climate School Talks and other curated events.

Climate Leadership Development

Become a driving force for positive change and develop the skills and vision to lead impactful climate initiatives across any sector.


Meet the Moment: Seize the Opportunity

The demand for climate-focused expertise is surging –  position yourself at the forefront of this rapidly expanding field.

Actionable Skills for Real-World Impact


Master the in-demand methodologies, reporting frameworks, and communication techniques essential for implementing and scaling climate solutions.

Modules Breakdown

Week 1: 


  • Sustainability challenges and opportunities

  • Sustainability Frameworks & Global Goals

  • The Business Case for Climate Action

Week 2: Measurement & Strategy

  • Materiality & Climate Risk Assessment

  • Climate Policy & Regulation 

  • GHG Accounting & Reporting 

  • Climate-Focused Strategy Development

Week 3: Innovation for Sustainability

  • Design and Innovation frameworks

  • Partnering with climate tech startups

  • AI for Sustainable Impact: Fundamentals and Applications

Week 4: Leadership & Implementation

  • Change Management for Climate Initiatives 

  • Governance for Sustainability 

  • Review your CSR strategy  (Corporate Social Responsibility): concepts and frameworks.

Week 5: Communication & Capstone Project

  • Real-world project / Practical action plan 

  • Storytelling for Impact & Stakeholder Engagement 

  • Sector-Specific Insights (case studies)

Sessions will be curated by Alina Vasile-Floroaie. Experts from our national and international network will intervene for each session, on the specific topics of each Module.

Who is it for?

  • Professionals eager for a fulfilling career shift into sustainability, with an emphasis on accelerating climate action.

  • Practitioners already in the sustainability field seeking to specialise, gain the latest climate expertise and advance their leadership skills.

Format & Location

 Interactive live sessions, in English (and Romanian), taking place in Cluj-Napoca.

We have partnered with REGUS to deliver these sessions in person, at the REGUS locations in Cluj-Napoca.

Experiential: case studies, simulations

Key dates

 Our next cohort will start in May 2024.

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Modules spread over 5 weeks, every Friday, full 1-day sessions (9:00-17:00), as follows:

24.05 | 31.05 | 07.06 | 14.06 | 21.06 (provisional dates*)

Application Deadline

10th May 2024.

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The Program fee is 870 EURO (no VAT), which includes access to all our events (The Climate School Talks) and the peer support network.

We can offer participants the option of covering the fee in 2 instalments, with the last one being paid before the last module of the programme.  If you find yourself in financial hardship, don't hesitate to get in touch with us and we will do our best to find a solution for your situation.

* The definitive dates of the course might vary, as we offer a certain degree of flexibility to our participants. We strive to offer the best learning experience and, as a consequence, we might need to postpone the course, if we do not have a critical number of students enrolled in one cohort. 

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