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Responsible Leaders Accelerator

Future-Proof Your Business: Sustainability as a Strategic Advantage

Master sustainability megatrends and identify disruptive opportunities for your business.

  • Develop future-fit business models that align profitability and purpose.

  • Understand evolving regulations, manage ESG risks, and attract responsible investment.

Our mission is to empower business leaders like yourself to drive tangible sustainability outcomes within your organizations. We provide insights from top sustainability practitioners, focused on real-world case studies and actionable strategies. This program will equip you to confidently navigate climate-related risks, uncover new revenue opportunities through sustainability, and enhance your company's reputation as an ethical and responsible leader in the market.

Through this high-impact program, we aim to offer:

Future-Proofing Strategies


Understand emerging sustainability trends, anticipate disruption, and identify new opportunities. Identify sustainability-driven business models, revenue streams, and partnerships to expand your market reach.

Enhanced Reputation and Leadership

Learn to effectively build trust, attract investors, and enhance your brand reputation, by demonstrating your commitment to responsible business practices

Strategic Sustainability Frameworks

  Master the tools to align profitability with environmental and social responsibility.

Risk Mitigation & Resilience


Prepare your business for regulatory shifts, resource constraints, and emerging sustainability-related risks.

Bottom-Line Impact

We focus on driving business value through sustainability, not just ethical imperatives.

Competitive Advantage


Position your business as a leader in sustainability, attracting top talent, responsible investment, and a loyal customer base.

Modules Breakdown

Week 1 


  • Disruptive Trends & Sustainability Megatrends

  • Scenario Planning, Climate Risks & Resilience

  • Sustainability-Driven Business Models

Week 2 Leadership & Governance

  • Sustainability Mindset for Leaders

  • Boards and Sustainability Oversight

  • Stakeholder Value Mapping & Creating a Sustainable Ecosystem

  • Climate-Focused Strategy Development

Week 3:  Innovation & Finance

  • Circular Economy & Systems Thinking

  • Green Finance and ESG Investing

  • Identifying New Revenue Streams

  • AI Fundamentals for Sustainable Impact

Optional Week 4 Sessions* 

Impact Communication & Storytelling for Leaders

Disruptive Sustainability: AI-Enabled Business Models

Sessions will be curated by Alina Vasile-Floroaie. Experts from our national and international network will intervene for each session, on the specific topics of each Module.

Who is it for?

  • CEOs and Founders: Committed to building purpose-driven businesses that create value for society and the environment.

  • Board Members & Senior Executives: Responsible for setting strategic direction and ensuring the long-term success of their organizations.

  • Investors & Fund Managers: Seeking to identify and support sustainable businesses with strong growth potential.

Format & Location

Interactive live sessions, taking place in Cluj-Napoca.

We have partnered with REGUS to deliver these sessions in person, at the REGUS locations in Cluj-Napoca.

Experiential: case studies, simulations

Possibility for mentorship

Key dates

 Our next cohort will start in May 2024.

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Modules every other week, Thursday mornings, half-day sessions (9.00-12.00), as follows:

23.05 | 06.06 | 20.06 (provisional dates)

Application deadline

10th May 2024

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The Program fee is 990 EURO (no VAT), which includes access to all our events (The Climate School Talks) and the peer support network.

*Optional sessions are not included in this fee but participants in the Responsible Leaders Accelerator will be offered a discounted fee. 

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